My name is Shiselle, but my friends call me Shizzle so feel free, you anonymous reader, to call me Shizzle. We are friends now, forever. On a less creepy note, I’m just a person–  a college student on a very tight budget who can barely cook for herself.

Nachez Trail, MississippiI was raised in Barcelona, Spain, and my family is from Spain and Italy. Since I’m from Spain, people find it hard to believe I’m a hardcore lacrosse player and hockey fan. Anyways, when we moved to the U.S. seven years ago, I knew I had to get used to the idea that Florida was going to be my new home, and that, my friend, is how the adventure began.

On May 16, 2016, my friend Kyle and I decided to drive across the country, and now we are back, and we have stories to tell and even more pictures to show you! So in this blog keep up with me, the people we met along the way and the lessons we learned.

Things you should know about me since we are now friends is that I’m currently attending the University of Florida (#GoGators) working to earn a dual degree in economics and public relations. Some of my interests and hobbies are watching movies, traveling and volunteering. I’m very passionate about giving back to the community and hope one day I get to become a U.N. volunteer. So, while I’m not traveling or writing, know I’m trying to keep up with football and other college shenanigans.

FAIR WARNING: If you suffer from 3rd person awkwardness, this might not be the blog for you (I’m very clumsy).