Sunset at Horseshoe Bend

Shiselle Povedano, sitting at the edge of the Horseshoe Bend at the Grand Canyon, Ariz. On average at least two people die every year at the Horseshoe Bend. Photo taken with tripod by Shiselle Povedano.

Hike: 3/4 of a mile (1.25 miles round-trip) ~ 30 minutes to an hour.

Every aspect of the Grand Canyon and the surrounding canyons is surreal. When you look at how big and extensive these landscapes are, it makes you wonder if you’re in the same country.

The Horseshoe Bend of Arizona is the 5th most photographed landscape near and inside the Grand Canyon, according to The Photographer’ Guide to the Grand Canyon.

Kyle and I went to the Bend right before sunset, and believe me we never wanted to leave. However, rattlesnakes are a thing, I’m extremely clumsy, we didn’t bring water and it had already been a few days since the last time we showered and we still had a few more to go-so we left after sun down. But, if none of those would’ve been an issue at the moment, we would’ve probably stayed there until today.

This natural beauty is considered a meander of the Colorado River, located near the town of Page, Ariz. The meander is not actually part of the Grand Canyon, but is in fact just a few miles away from the beginning of the National Park.

The overlook is 4,200 feet above sea level with a 1,000 foot drop, according to Google terrain maps.

Many people consider the Horseshoe Bend the suicide capital of Arizona, claiming people go there to commit suicide because of its breath-taking beauty.

Believe me, I was so scared to get close to the edge. My shoulders dropped, my knees bent, my arms were stretched and ready to grab anything in case I fell. Every time I took a step closer to the edge, it was like I could feel gravity pushing me down harder with every step.
Once I got to the edge and sat down, I didn’t want to leave. But, that was mainly because leaving meant standing up near the cliff again.

Moral of the Story: The cooler the photo the more you will have to suffer to get it.